Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Almost universally when I speak with alumni they talk about missing the community at Newman and how hard it has been to find something like that when they graduate and move on.  I know that was a struggle for my wife and I when we graduated from here as well.  The parish we joined didn't have a lot of young families and so it was trying on us to not have that support community we had grown accustomed to in college.  Thankfully we had each other for a mini-community and did find kindred spirits in the youth minister and his wife.  The two of them were a great connection and we learned a lot from them and benefited from the friendship. 

For those of you moving on this May, congratulations on graduating and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.  It is important as you head out of here to be strong in your faith and keep up your personal prayer life.  Take frequent advantage of the sacraments and seek out a community to be a part of.  It will take time and effort to find the community and to make new friends, but those relationships will support and enrich your faith journey.  If you find yourself in a place without a great community, maybe God is calling you to grow something there.  Where ever you find yourself, you will be in our prayers.

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